Get to Know your Hair Type

Get to Know your Hair Type

Dry and dull hair is inevitable due to constantly introducing our hair & scalp to unnecessary chemicals daily, Each of your hair strands has three layers. The inner layer is called the medulla, which is surrounded by the middle layer, the cortex. The outer layer is called the cuticle. The cuticle is the layer that protects your hair, and when it is damaged, your hair becomes dry and brittle. All of the chemical inputs, combined with factors like pollution, heat, and the sun, are bound to have horrendous and damaging effects on your hair and it's over all appearance. 

So what's more devastating and nerve-racking than the mere thought of ruining and possibly losing your hair because it has become dry, and brittle, Damaged hair alone can cause a world-wind of mental and emotional stress after all who doesn't want a fabulous head of hair, right? But rest-assured knowing that this is no dead in situation, the exciting news is there is amazing plant-based or plant derived choices available on the market. At Vegan Serenity it is our straight forward mission to formulate amazing hair & scalp nurturing products that address haircare needs for all hair-types. Benefits that can restore and protect your hair nurturing it from scalp to hair cuticles maintaining your hair's healthy feel and appearance. 


Some might ask "What makes Plant-Based, botanically derived, ingredients better". Well the answer is simply put..  "It's The Most Safe & Effective"    "Think of Vegan options as your gift from Mother Nature"   Luckily in today's world things are catching-up and has come such a long way with research and hair science that finding more worry free hair and beauty products with promising formulas are vastly spreading into the modern world of convenience and availability. -Vegan Serenity  


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Here below is a few hair woes to be on the lookout for but never worry, once you identify your haircare concern, you can better match your hair to the right hair product for optimal results.



  • Dry Hair Texture 

The easiest way to know if your hair is damaged is to hold it upside down and run the ends through your fingers. If the ends are sticking out and feel rough, your hair is probably damaged.

  • Dull Hair

Damaged hair lacks luster and shine. The hair shafts stop shining when the cuticles are damaged. With damaged hair, you will notice that there is no shine even after a deep conditioning treatment.

  • Split Ends

Take a bit of your hair and gently twist it. Look carefully at the ends of the hair that sticks out. If the ends are split in two, your hair is damaged, and it is time for you to get a trim.

  • Moisture Loss

While dry hair is not always damaged, damaged hair is dry. If your hair does not seem to be conditioned no matter what you try, it is a sure shine of damaged cuticles that are unable to seal in moisture.

  • Hair Breakage

If your hair snaps while you comb it, or even when you run your fingers through it, it is damaged. The tensile strength of your hair shaft reduces when the outer layer is damaged. The elasticity of a damaged hair strand is a lot less than a healthy one.

  • High Porosity

As the cuticle is lifted, it is much easier for moisture to pass. External moisture collects in the hair shaft, and it starts to swell, which makes your hair frizzy.

  • Fragile Hair Strands 

Your hair can stretch to a certain point before it snaps and breaks. The elasticity of a damaged hair strand is a lot less than a healthy one. If your hair snaps very easily, it is likely that it is damaged.

  • Tangles

Unlike healthy hair, where the shafts are smooth, the rough cuticles of damaged hair get tangled up and result in knots. The dryness makes it hard to get these tangles out, and it often leads to breakage.

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